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3 phase motor feeder calculator free.3 Phase Motor Cable Size Calculator

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For ac systems the ac impedance is used in place of the dc R cable. This methodology is similar to the examples given after NEC Table 9. The ampacity of each conductor size shown for reference in the dropdown menu below is based on NEC Table Note that the actual ampacity and voltage drop for your application may differ from these results but in most cases will be very close to those shown here.

Note, to run this calculator JavaScripts must be enabled on your browser. Click here for alternate calculator that also includes a transformer and motor load. For other single phase systems select the line-to-neutral voltage.

If conductor is oversized a lower temperature can be used. See NOTE 4. This value only used for adjusting conductor resistance. PVC conduit aluminum conduit steel conduit no conduit. Length of cable in feet one-way distance. Load current in amperes. This is recommended by the NEC A common rule of thumb is to check the voltage drop when the one-way circuit length in feet exceeds the system voltage number. This 3 phase motor cable size calculator is developed based on my practical experience.

Also, you can get the amps of the motor. The cable size is equal to the 1. Hence the cable rating formula can be written as,. Hence, the required cable shall able to carry minimum 15A current. Look at the Cable current rating Chart, 2.

Here, we have collected for cable size for all rating motor such as, 0. What voltages were used in the calculation. Example: for 3phase what voltage and for single phase what voltage?

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3 phase motor feeder calculator free

This app will help us to wire or repair an electric motor and it also does electric motor calculations.


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