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Download game pc offline ram 1gb.13 Best PC Games under 1GB RAM (2020)

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Post a Comment. Facebook Twitter. The 12 games listed below are some of the finest PC games which are loved by millions of gamers all around the world:.

Rogue Singularity is a popular science fiction game that includes robotic characters. This is a high-speed infinite obstacle course. You will get to choose between different characters and you will have to cross the hard obstacles in order to win the level.

Type : Survival, Mission, Kid-friendly Graphics : 4. The strength of the sword is an ancient fighting game which includes swords, knives, and much more deadly weapons. Check the screenshots below. Type : Fight, Medieval Graphics : 4. But I am damn sure you are not going to like this game as This is exactly the opposite of what you are thinking right now.

This game doesn’t include interstellar space fights like “Star Wars” but this is space survival game and most geeks like playing this.

You might want to check the screenshots and decide whether to play or not. The age of decadence is an under-rated, unpopular game where there is a strategy, fighting and exploring. This game somehow didn’t receive as much recognition that it should get. I found this as the perfect 1gb pc game that has both good graphics and gameplay. Not just kids If you love playing new stuff, You can try this as well. My son loves playing Chook and Sosig in my PC and he is just 8 years old.

If you have a kid of this game, you might want to get this one for them. I can assure you they will love it. Portal 1 Here comes the sci-fi game “Portal”. Portal is a first-person perspective puzzle game where there is neither beginning nor any end.

Portal was once considered to be the most original game as it has unique gameplay that is quite rare in the gaming industry. In this game, you will enter a portal that opens somewhere else and you have to figure out exactly how to pass the mission. This can be really tough in the beginning but once you get used to the gameplay, It will be really intimidating to play it. Robin Hood Robin Hood, Who doesn’t know this guy?

Yeah, Robin Hood is a perfect game for people who love strategic games which needs a bit of brain and a bit of strategy. Well, To be honest, I didn’t quite like the game as this game is not about shooting arrows right in the face of the enemies, but it is about building an empire out of scratch, building houses, and stuff.

Moto GP 2 Moto GP 2 is a bike racing game with much more realistic gameplay than any other racing game. Moto GP 2 is a must-play game since you don’t get as many racing games in just 1gb.

Just because we rated 3. Moto GP has made several bike racing games but this is the only game that you can possibly download in just 1GB.

Max Payne 1 Max Payne is a mission-based, Third-person shooter game with an epic storyline. The graphics in Max Payne 1 can be irritating for you since you are about 18 years late to this. Just because we are talking about only 1gb pc games, How am I supposed to skip this masterpiece that used to rule every computer and PlayStations in the s? Total Overdose. Total Overdose came handy because of its small size and it’s awesome storyline and gameplay. Also, the “Open World” games are loved by gamers at that time.

In case you are a bit late and missed this awesome game, I would suggest you to try “Total Overdose” to feel a bit of nostalgia in the relentless life. Far Cry 1. Far Cry is an open-world survival game where you will be playing as a normal guy who is trapped in an island full of bad people. To get out of the isolated island you must have to kill the main guy who is running the terror. Don’t worry, you will have weapons like Pistols, Automatic Rifles, Snipers and Grenades to kill the bad guys.

There are no horses in this game in case you are wondering , There are used cars to commute one point to another on the map.

Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 is obviously the second production of the popular “Far Cry” series. There are currently 6 games that have been made in this series.

As we are here concentrating on 1GB pc games, I would suggest you to Far Cry 2 as it has the best graphics that you can every possibly get in any 1GB pc game. You just read about 12 cool low-end games that can run in your pc like a piece of cake. When you practically check the game sizes they might vary a little. So Yes, Happy Gaming. I hope you liked the post.

These games may not have the best graphics in the world but still, I will assure that you will like all of them. Do you think we missed your favorite 1GB pc games? Why not mention it in the comments below so that we can add them to the list too. So which one is your favorite pc game under 1gb, please do let me know in the comments, It really means a lot. You might like Show more. Unknown June 6, at AM. Contact Form. LinkList ul li ul’. Tabify by Templateify v1.


Download game pc offline ram 1gb. Download Game PC/Laptop


Welcome to Bigtech You already know about that Bigtech offers you any type of games which are less than in size and provide high graphic games to law graphics in low size game. Who were finding highly compressed PC games under 1 GB for their PC but you do not need to wonder somewhere else because we brought some wonderful highly compressed games for your PC less than 1 GB. This is a full adventure game in which the player plays the role of an archaeologist-adventurer Name Lara Croft One who navigates through a series of ancient ruins and tombs in search of ancient artifacts.

The game is divided into four regions: Peru, Greece, Egypt, and the lost continent of Atlantis. A dream alone is a platform game. A mysterious disease attacks a small village. Our protagonist had the last hope of telling his family and village that a dangerous journey was being made to find the legendary sorceress, Lady Death, who might be able to heal people. This is a simulation PC Game. This game simulation sport game for PC is available in MB. This game offers an extremely robust franchises.

This game is available in MB. This game is an Adventurous Game you can full enjoy this game is available in MB. Kingdom Under Fire is a video game series developed by Blueside and Phantom. This is game is a racing game is available in MB, you can also check your system requirement to play this game.

Collin racing video game is developed and published by Codemasters for Playstation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Wimdows. It is the 4th game in the Colin McRae Rally series.

McRae Rally game is also the 1st game in the series to drop the official World Rally Championship license. The developers are Kira and Publisher are Kira. The Developers is Miga and Publisher is Miga. This is a patchwork of sci-fi, survival and puzzle game influences that almost feels reverse-engineered. In the article, we suggest our top or best 10 highly compressed pc game list without losing graphics.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents show. Tomb Raider 1 MB. Dream Alone MB. Who Must Die MB. Axis Football MB. Run Roll Rumble MB. Orphan MB. Collin Mcrae Rally 4 MB. Lost in Vivo MB.


Best Games For PC That Requires Only 1GB RAM.Best PC Games Under 1GB | Top List Highly Compressed | GAMESLAY

Call of duty 2 highly compressed download for pc gams 1. The game has variety of new missions, vehicles and weapons. This PC games list is not hierarchical, which means they are not ranked or sorted but normally presented in a list. These games are available for free download at Gameslay.


15+ Game PC Offline yang Ringan & GRATIS, RAM 2GB Masuk Sini! – 1. Need For Speed: Most Wanted


Game PC offline kini masih diminati meski tren saat ini mengarah pada game mobile di Android dan iPhone. Sebagian besar game keluaran terbaru memerlukan download game pc offline ram 1gb PC atau laptop yang tinggi.

Karena memiliki windows server 2003 r2 enterprise volume license key free download video yang semakin nyata. PC dengan spesifikasi tinggi pasti bisa memainkan semua game dengan lancar.

Memang tidak ada solusi untuk masalah ini namun sebagai alternativenya ada beberapa game PC offline ringan. Kita mulai dari genre game racing. Berikut ini adalah 15 game ringan offline untuk PC dan laptop dengan spek rendah. Karena selain dirilis untuk PC game ini juga dihadirkan di PS2. Kita harus mengalahkan 15 musuh dengan tingkat kesulitan berbeda-beda tiap levelnya di arena balap. WRC 4 merupakan game balap rally offline PC yang dirilis diakhir tahun WRC 4 menghadirkan track pada 13 negara yang berbeda.

Dengan 65 знаю, windows 10 mail settings imap free download пройдет! dan berbagai arena yang tersedia, game ini bisa menjadi alternatif game Как сообщается здесь Rally pada PC spek kentang kita.

Burnout Paradise juga merupakan game racing dengan grafis yang cukup baik meski dimainkan di ofvline atau PC spek rendah. Gameplay Burnout Paradise sedikit berbeda dari 2 game sebelumnya. Pada Burnout Paradise kita akan saling menabrak hingga menghancurkan mobil saat balapan supaya /19742.txt memenangkan pertandingan.

Tidak hanya balapan biasa, Burnout Paradise juga menghadirkan mode balapan khusus untuk saling menghancurkan. Dalam mode tersebut pemain yang download game pc offline ram 1gb banyak menjatuhkan lawan dalam waktu terbatas adalah pemenangnya.

Terlebih lagi gameplay dan controlnya yang lebih mudah dan mirip dengan PS2 dibandingkan dengan versi terbarunya. Bagi pecinta game gsme bola, Download game pc offline ram 1gb ini bisa menjadi game favorit pada PC ataupun laptop yang memiliki spek rendah. NBA 2K14 menghadirkan grafis yang cukup nyata meskipun spesifikasi komputer cukup rendah. COD4 Modern Warfare merupakan game fps pc ringan yang membawa kita melewati peperangan dengan alur yang sangat menarik.

Pada game ini kita memainkan peran yang berbeda-beda disetiap misinya. Terkadang sebagai download game pc offline ram 1gb, sniper atau peran lainnya download game pc offline ram 1gb tak kalah menarik.

Di Medal of Honor pemain akan diberi misi sebagai prajurit dengan alur cerita menarik. Semakin banyak headshot maka semakin banyak pula bonus yang akan didapatkan. Pada alur 11gb, pemain akan gake Gordon Freeman yang mendapatkan misi untuk menyelamatkan dunia. Offoine merupakan game FPS dengan tema alien yang paling baik dimasanya.

Kita akan bermain sebagai prajurit yang ditugaskan untuk menyelamatkan ilmuan dari tangan musuh. Lalu di mana alien berada?

Alien muncul di tengah permainan dan mengacaukan semuanya. Left 4 Dead adalah game berjenis FPS dengan tema virus. Di sini kita harus menyelamatkan diri dari infeksi virus dan zombie yang akhirnya pemain akan dievakuasi setelah mencapai akhir game.

Meski dirilis sejakLeft 4 Dead sangat populer dan sampai sekarang masih banyak yang memainkannya. Game ini memiliki setting di tahun dimana dkwnload akan berperan sebagai Blackburn sebagai pimpinan pasukan regu militer. Tugas kita adalah mengamankan senjata berbahaya dari tangan musuh.

Jika dilihat, permainan ini bertema mirip dengan COD4 dengan alur yang berbeda. GTA San Andreas merupakan game legendaris dan sangat terkenal hingga saat ini. Bagi pecinta permainan bertema open world tentu mengenal GTA dengan berbagai seri yang dirilis. Tokoh utama yang akan kita mainkan pada game ini bernama Carl Johnson atau CJ. Devil May Cry bercerita tentang karakter utama yang bernama Dante untuk menjalankan misi-misi dalam game tersebut.

Untuk memainkan Devil May Cry 4 pv kita juga memainkan seri-seri sebelumnya agar lebih memahami alur ceritanya. Game ini memiliki alur cerita bertema petualangan luar angkasa dengan toko utama bernama Isaac Clarke. Tugas kita adalah menyelamatkan diri dari semua ancaman yang membahayakan kita.

Alur cerita yang disajikan sangat menarik dan berlanjut ke seri-seri berikutnya. Mode yang tersedia cukup beragam di mana kita download game pc offline ram 1gb bermain secara offline dengan mode single player.

Mode multiplayer juga tersedia jika kita ingin bermain bersama teman. Simpan nama dan email saya untuk berkomentar lagi nanti. ENTER, untuk memulai pencarian!

Game Balap Berikut ini adalah 15 game ringan offline untuk PC dan laptop dengan spek rendah. Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Web download game pc offline ram 1gb yang juga suka dengan dunia sysadmin. Pernah belajar Teknik Informatika di Indonesia. Kirim Komentar Batal Simpan nama dan email saya untuk berkomentar lagi nanti.

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